Welcome to Gudang Gambar

Gudang Gambar is a place where we hope that everybody can find some works of affordable art - paintings in particular - that is of good quality.

The gallery is presented in a homey-setting atmosphere that reflects the personal taste of the owner who shares his appreciation for wonderful artworks.

A lighter mood that is relevant to urban lifestyle accentuates the gallery, extending a warm welcome to the clients once they walk into this gallery that nestles in quite part of Kemang, dubbed as the most bohemian neighborhood in Jakarta.

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The Art Warehouse

We began our venture as a collector from a modest house in Bintaro area, South Jakarta in 1999. Our early stage of venture was often challenged by the difficulty of sourcing for affordable quality paintings. Obtaining such paintings was often constrained by such a trend established by exclusive individuals who put paintings on a guarded ivory tower disguised in intellectual and material justifications. Thanks to the generosity of a home gallery that we met, we eventually acquired two paintings of our choice. They reflect our love for Indonesian picturesque nature and...

The Exhibition

To celebrate the biggest art month in Hong Kong, Voxfire Gallery is proud to present in collaboration with Gudang Gambar Art Warehouse, an Indonesian independent gallery, a debut show in Hong Kong of an Indonesian artist, Wenas Heriyanto. Animals play important parts in Chinese culture. Ones can see it in Chinese zodiac, symbolized by 12 animals.  It is also true to Wenas. Animals are his signature object of paintings.  His works reflects modern contemporary style and nuanced by colors. Particularly in this exhibition, they are presented Red and...