Old Indonesian Paintings

Old Indonesian paintings were the seeds of our growth today. As our first collections, they are still very much part of our important collections. They comprise paintings that capture natures, still life and portrait, most of which are from the period between 1960–1980, by artists that include Abdullah Soeriosubroto, Emiria Soenassa, Moerdowo, Koempoel, Soedjono Abdullah, and Wakidjan.

Jakarta Art

Little known to most people, Jakarta has many painters that produce quality paintings. One of Jakarta prominent painters was Mr. Henk Ngantung who once served as Jakarta Governor. His sketches are available with other works by Momon. Our collections comprise later works, including the works of Darmana HS which utilize old Batik and old Songket clothes in his paintings.

Bali Art

Bali is often associated with its rich works of art and one of the most recognizable forms and appreciated by many is painting. Bali is home to many painters for many generations. Our collections of Bali Art are from talented and relatively young artists, such as our favorite artist Wenas Heriyanto, in addition to Tarto, Praponco Suprapto and Irawan Prasetyo.

Vietnam Art

The uniqueness that mark Vietnam paintings is attributed to the combination of rich oriental art from the East and the influence of European opulence brought by the French that once occupied Vietnam for half a century. We offer a complete selection of watercolor on paper, oil on canvas and lacquer on wood, which include the works of Vu Thac Phuoc, Do Kim Doan, and Nguyen Dinh Tuan.

China Art

China art has, perhaps, the oldest continuous tradition in the world. Its first paintings can be traced back to 400BC. The collections that we bring to our gallery comprise the style of China Art that is relevant to modern lifestyle, mostly known as Chinoiseries. Our collections are abstract work by Jing Chuang Long and other works by Wan Zhi Biao, Lote Zhang and Ying Mai Ke.