The Art Warehouse

We began our venture as a collector from a modest house in Bintaro area, South Jakarta in 1999. Our early stage of venture was often challenged by the difficulty of sourcing for affordable quality paintings. Obtaining such paintings was often constrained by such a trend established by exclusive individuals who put paintings on a guarded ivory tower disguised in intellectual and material justifications.

Thanks to the generosity of a home gallery that we met, we eventually acquired two paintings of our choice. They reflect our love for Indonesian picturesque nature and beautiful Balinese female dancer. That defining moment has brought us further to meet and connect with more experienced painting dealers. At the same time, it also boosted our confidence to facilitate the collectors, art dealers and young talented artists with the beginner collectors who have no prior collecting experience or with those who want to shares the real beauty within affordable range of prices.

Our good relationships with sellers, buyers, collectors, dealers, painters, gallery owners, art curators, frame makers, and painting exhibition promoters brought us further to an endless opportunity in exploring and developing the business. To us, it is like a quencher to our thirst for seizing opportunities in enjoying and appreciating arts in a wider spectrum.

We later received a number of golden opportunities that came at the right moments when we became a supplier to some painting exhibitions. The result is rewarding, in terms of financial, experience, and reputation. It has put us as a more established and trustworthy gallery.

These achievements are evidence of our consistent choice for paintings that portray the essence of beauty. They are collected on the basis of true love toward the objects and the works. Not on the basis of who the painters are, but rather on the strength of the works itself.

Our commitment to sourcing only original and quality works has strengthened our reputation amongst our buyers, while our exposure in some exhibitions and the trusts given by our suppliers have enabled us to house more than 100 paintings in a period of 12 months. Our paintings had grown to a collection that includes a number of painter category, various themes, and painting media.

The arrival of the new Millennium marked another defining moment that propelled us to seize more opportunities. We took a bold decision in 2000 to move to a larger place at a more strategic location, Jalan Pangeran Antasari, South Jakarta, bringing us closer to our clients.

Following the relocation to this new place, coupled with the increasing demand from various clienteles, we organically grew on several categories: Old Indonesian Art, Jakarta Art, Bali Art, Vietnam Art and China Art.

Our business grew from a home gallery to a more professional gallery that offer access to our clients in obtaining quality works of art at affordable price. We became more involved in paintings exhibitions and participate as partner of Indonesian leading auction house – Sidharta Auctioneer. Gudang Gambar works together with Sidharta Auctioneer as strategic partners as they are the only Auction House in Jakarta specialising in Affordable Art. The synergy that was begun in 2009 has seen some significant contribution toward the offered lots and the paintings sold on each auction, resulting in a mutually profitable to both parties.

Over the course of our business journey, the collections in our gallery are improved and they are sourced from many other art centers, from Bali to Vietnam, or even China. Our client profiles also grew to include companies that seeks to decorate their office with works of arts. Moreover, responding to the growing market from the region, Gudang Gambar has taken significant initiative by bringing some of its collections to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

In early 2012, another huge decision was taken by us. We decided to move our gallery to a new location. This new gallery will be built with a fresher look and a refined concept to accommodate over 1000 paintings. The good news is that it will be built on the same street of the old gallery. It is scheduled to be opened in Desember 2014. During the construction, we are operating from our sister establishment, a yoga center and art gallery, at Jalan Kemang Timur No. 88, Jakarta Selatan.

Going forward, Gudang Gambar will keep on working to embrace its vision as a trustworthy gallery that provides affordable quality works for the clients, and at the same time position itself as a partner to talented artists. Through this synergy, Gudang Gambar believes that art actually is not an exclusive possesion nor does it belong to only certain group of people.

The arts are meant to be the arts.